Reme Halo
Reme Halo Purification System

Reme Halo Purification System

Reduce the following:


Dastardly microbes are responsible for the influenza, the common cold, COVID-19, pneumonia and other illnesses.


These small size organisms cause trouble for you and your loved ones. So many illnesses begin with bacteria invading your body. They cause pneumonia, strep throat, meningitis, and MRSA. Some are becoming resistant to antibiotics.


Sneaky pollutants are known to hide in dark and damp places. Mold can grow rapidly in our residential and commercial air conditioning systems and ductwork causing unhealthy air and allergic reactions.


Invisible and sometimes challenging to control, odors can be one of the most frustrating air quality problems.


Lightweight and able to float in the air for long periods, dander is a common irritant and trigger of allergy and asthma attacks.


Another trigger of allergy and asthma attacks, pollen is small enough to pass through most traditional air filters. It can be major problem during spring, summer and fall months.


A motley collection of small airborne particles that can cause allergies, asthma and respiratory irritation.


The combination of toxic chemicals and a heavy odor make smoke one of the worst offenders of poor indoor air quality.

 How it works:

The inventors in our research and development department are constantly studying the environment and the science behind naturally occurring processes. The adage that sunlight is a great disinfectant is true in several ways: its ability to create hydrogen peroxide and release it into the air, and the UV properties of sunlight help eliminate microorganisms outside. So, the question arose as to how we could replicate and enhance these naturally occurring air purification processes in an indoor environment. This is how the REME HALO® was born. It is powered by RGF’s proprietary REME® technology, which combine a UVC light on an advanced catalyst to create low concentrations of gaseous hydrogen peroxide in the air that disperses throughout your space. As Mother Nature’s chosen sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide is incredibly effective at reducing viruses, bacteria, mold spores, odors, VOCs and other microbes in the air and on surfaces in your home.

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